From UK across Europe to Makkah

A group of individuals from the United Kingdom have set out to do the extraordinary- A road trip across Europe to Makkah to perform Hajj.

Road To MakkahThey have a Twitter account “Road to Mecca 2012” and have been posting updates of their trip. In a tweet they shared the purpose of their journey: "This epic trip came about as a result of a long fervent desire of likeminded brothers who wanted to do something different."

They set out from the United Kingdom on the 5th of October. Their first stop was France which they entered by train through the Eurotunnel. They spent the night and the next morning they set out with a mini-bus travelled a 1000km through Switzerland passing the scenic Swiss Alps to Austria.  On Day 3 they passed through 2 counties .i.e.  Slovenia and Croatia and their final destination was Belgrade the capital of Serbia.  This was quite a daunting segment of the journey having travelled for 18 hours, encountering some extreme weather. After havening a well-deserved rest they departed from Serbia through Bulgaria to Turkey.  In the early hours of the morning of the 8th of October they reached Istanbul.

The have since been in the Istanbul visiting historic sites, Mosques and enjoying the beautiful city with its amazing setting along the Bosphorus Straits. Tonight they will be flying to Jordan. They are forced to take a flight due to the blockade in Syria. From there they plan to continue by road with a local vehicle.

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Yusuf Moosagie- 2012:10:10