Fulfilling the need of a fellow Muslim

Hajj is without doubt among the most virtuous deeds in Islam. Unfortunately we all are not able to fulfil this great act of worship every year. It has become very difficult to receive accrediting for Hajj and we may not have the financial means or Kaabahphysical ability. This should never make us despondent. Allah Ta’ala out of his sheer kindness to us has not deprived us of this reward. We are able to do certain actions for which we will be granted the reward of an optional Haj

One such action has been mentioned by Imam Hasan Al-Basri Rahimullah. He said: “Your proceeding to fulfil the need of a fellow Muslim is better for you than one Haj after another!” (By Zabeedi (rahimahullah) in Sharhul Ihyaa, vol.6 pg.292)

Let us go out today and help someone either financially, physically or just with a kind word.