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Saving The Changes

When one has completing a virtues deed: if one follows it up with another virtues deed, this is a sign that the action has been accepted by Allah. However, if one returns to sin after a virtues deed, this is a sign that perhaps our deeds have been rejected by Allah. In this Podcast, a Juma’ah lecture delivered at 23rd Street Masjid, Johannesburg, Gauteng, I spoke about the consequence of returning to sin and our old habits after Ramadhan.



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Mufti Yusuf Moosagie is a presenter on Radio Islam International.  

He presents a daily programme, 'Your World Today' Monday to Friday, 5 to 8pm Central African Time. Radio Islam International can be heard in Johannesburg, South Africa on MW1548, in Southern Africa via the Sentech Satellite and world wide through audio streaming on the Internet.







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