Eye Witness Account of Crane Falling on Haram

Sunday, 13th September 2015

Strong winds and heavy rain caused a crane to fall into the Grand Mosque killing at least 107 Hujjaaj and injuring more than 230.

Mohamed Bhamjee - who is currently performing Hajj - shares his experience of Friday the 11th of September with Radio Islam's Mufti Moosagie.

He says: "As the Muslim world reflects on Friday's incident, for me it was a real experience. I was part of the crowd that witnessed the crane fall - while standing a mere 50 meters away from the actual site. Five minutes before that I was on the very spot. It was chaos - a loud crashing noise, people running, rain pelting down, people screaming "Allah hu Akbar". It still sends shivers down my spine, having seen the crane fall with the corner of my eye. It happened so fast. Within seconds the bodies of those who lost their lives and those injured were lying in front of us. I was totally terrified and shaken. All I can say is that it was the plan of Allah that this happened. At this time we make Dua to Allah to grant the families of the Marhumeen - Sabrun Jameel and a complete and speedy recovery to those injured. Aameen."