The Importance of Character Developments

Nabi Sallahu Alaihi wasallam said " I have been sent to perfect great character ..."

Nabi alaihi Salaam was really particular and paid great attention to Ahklaaq, therefore he would always make the duas

"Oh Allah beautify my character -Oh Allah save me from bad character"

Imam Ghazali Rahmatullahi Alaihi has mentioned that good character is something that emanates from a person's heart frequently, spontaneously and naturally with ease. This was found in Nabi Alaihi Salaam.

There are five fundamentals of good character:

No 1: Knowledge and wisdom- Knowledge of the Quraan and the  Sunnah of Rasullullah Sallallahu Alaihi Wasallam, because the Quraan and Sunnah is our driving light by which we travel. Nabi Sallahu alaihi wasallam said: ' I have been sent as a teacher.' Knowledge and good character goes hand in hand.

No 2: Modesty- modesty as shown to us by Nabi alaihi salaam. The sahaba kiraam said that Nabi Sallahi alaihi wasallam was more modest than a virgin girl in the darkest corner of her home. Many people claim to have high morals but they perpetrate sins that were not even permitted in the Taurah and Injeel. 

No 3:  A sense of justices- This was portrayed through out the life of nabi alaihi salaam. once Osama bin Zaid Radiyallahu Anhu came to Nabi Sallallahu Alaihi Wasallam requesting that the penal punishment be lifted for a lady from an honorable tribe who had committed a crime. Nabi SAW replied " even if Fatima bint Muhammed commits a crime, the penal punishment will be applicable!"  This shows t justness of Nabi SAW

No 4:  Bravery & Courage- Once the people of Medina heard a loud noise. They all ran out of their homes to investigate the source of it. There they saw a lone rider in the distances. Nabi Sallaihu alaihi wasallam was the first one out and reassured them that there was nothing to fear. In the battle of uhad when every one dispersed accept a few, Nabi alaihi salaam stood firm.

At the time of Hunain when the Sahaba were leaving the battle field, nabi sallallhu alihi wasallam stood firm

No 5: Tolerance-  This is something that is really short in our lives. We don't have tolerance at all. A person came to Nabi Sallallahu Alaihi Wasllam and said "Oh Muhammed!  You owe me money, give me my money." Nabi Alaihi Salaam replied that he did not have the means presently to repay.

The man said that it was  nothing new to the Quraish, they always acted in this manner. The sahaba were present and amongst them was Umar RA. And we all know Umar, Umar was Umar! He said to him that if Nabi Alaihi Salaam was not present I would have chopped off your neck. This was the spirit  of Imaan in Umar RA.

Nabi Alaihi Salaam on the other hand smiles and says umar:

"Inna lisahibul haqqi maqalin" he has a right and the person who has a right can claim it. Nabi alaihi salaam tells umar "take this person and settle what is due to him and give him 20 dirhams extra because of the way in which you spoke to him." This is rahmatul lilaalamin.

This person was a scholar of the book. he said that I noticed he was different and I wanted to test him to see whether his ignorance was greater than his tolerance. Oh Umar, bear witness to the fact that I testify that there is non worthy of worship except Allah and that Muhammed is the messenger of Allah.

In conclusion- If we look at the life of Nabi Alaihi Salaam, both public and private, every aspect is commendable and remarkable.

May Allah enable us to embrace the  Ahklaaq of nabi sallahu alaihi wasallam and  manifest it in our lives.